Build Your Workstation At Home

How great would it be to do work from the comfort of our home? It’s an ideal way to feel work freedom. No matter if you are a freelancer or want to spend overtime by doing work at home, it is enticing to work from home.

It allows setting up a comfortable and efficient work environment as per your desire. But building workstation at home can be challenging due to various distractions specific to the home environment.

If you are used to working or liking to work in a formal office setting, but due to unforeseen reasons such as protests or illness have to work from home, then you must need to create work desk more ergonomic.

Thus, before setting up the workstation, consider the effective ways to avoid distractions. Because usually, people are not so productive when they work from home with setting a proper work environment.

It requires a bit of planning and effort to make sure the workstation increases our productivity and efficiency. Your desktop mount, chair adjustment, lamplight, table height, and other workstation items need to be set up according to your requirements.

You need to understand what technology you must need to be productive and efficient during the time you work while away from the office. So let’s jump in to see how to build a well-organized ergonomic workstation at home.

Colour Scheme

Colour does matter of the surrounding environments as they have an impact on our moods. When you choose the palette, consider the psychological effect of that color. You can just color the wall in front of your home workstation.

But choose with purpose as it enhances productivity. People usually choose the color that is relaxing to eyes, promote comfort, gives calming effect or stress reliever.

It’s a very good option to consider when building a home workstation as excess stress can put you in work strain.

Also, working in a soothing atmosphere helps to focus. However, concentrate more on the functionality of the office than to find attractive attributes.

Adjust the Chair and Sit Correctly

If you have to spend long hours at your workstation, then get a good ergonomic chair as it supports various postures during your work. Ergonomic chairs are flexible.

They are built customized as per the requirement, such as smaller users want shorter back and mostly want extra-deep seats. To appropriately position, there are some features of the chair that you can use.

Adjust the angle of seat pan around 90-95 degrees or according to your comfort. Place the lumbar at the seat back for backrest support. Also, adjust the backrest angle inclined to 95-105 degrees for comfort. This backrest angle is optimal.

Armrest height is essential too. Adjust it to allow the elbows to rest on the chair arm to keep the shoulders down. Once you find a suitable chair, now sit on it correctly to get all the benefits of the chair.

Position the Monitor Screen

Do not complicate setting up the laptop screen or monitor screens. Just like setting a chair, there are also few features of your screen that you need to set. The first is the distance from the screen.

If the screen is quite far away, then you will start doing things such as craning or turtling the neck. Also, you have to extend yourself to reach the monitor screen if it is too far away.

To find the perfect spot, sit back in a relax position and extend the arm. The fingertips should touch the screen, and that’s where you need to position the screen.

The ONKRON monitor mounts with full-motion monitor gas-lift arm for 13-27-inch LCD/LED is perfect for this purpose.

If there are two monitors at your place, then set them without gap or side by side. The position of the secondary monitor should be off-center. But if you use both screens equally, then place them at the center.

Use the same fingertip logic for placing other items on the desk, such as a phone or document holder. Make sure that the monitor screen is at the correct height. Here is the ergo trick to adjust the screen height.

Close eyes and then open them. The sight must land on the address bar. Raise or lower the monitor using the built-in options such as with risers or a book to adjust the height. See ONKRON monitor mount with dual monitor arm for 13’-32 or 27-inch screens.

Business owners or managers who have different departments to manage may need ONKRON triple monitor desk mount to manage multiple tasks at a time. To adjust the screen angle, slightly tilt the monitor downwards to avoid reflections.

Lamp Lightening

Proper lighting at your workstation makes tasks easier. Nearly 85% of the information we receive is through the sight sense. With proper lighting, we can avoid issues such as headaches, blurred vision, eye irritation, and eye strain.

Other lightening concerns such as glare and insufficient lighting may be an issue in the workspace. For sufficient light, add more fixtures and do not place the fixtures right behind you. Check ONKRON’s desk lamp with three lighting modes that provide enough light.

To reduce glare, increase the brightness near the glare source. Adjust fixture(s) to minimize the light that directly comes towards your eyes. You can try ONKRON’s foldable lamp with a USB charging port and is portable.

Keyboard and Mouse

Adjust the height of the keyboard tray slightly above or at elbow height. The angle of the keyboard tray should be somewhat inclined or parallel to the floor. Lift the seat if you do not have a keyboard tray to correct the height.

Place your mouse near the keyboard. Keep the wrists straight and loosely hold the mouse. If you use the wrist rest, then rest the hand on the pad, not the wrist.

Some Useful Tips

  • Place the items you mostly use closest to you and expand rest accordingly
  • Position items on the workstation to minimize the stretching and reaching
  • Vary your postures and tasks throughout the day