Wholesale orders from ONKRON

If your business is related to TV stands, wall mounts and table mounts and you are looking for a reliable supplier who can suggest good and cheap wholesale prices, Onkron will be honored to invite you to cooperate.


We have really good and cheap wholesale and retail prices because we are manufacturers of our products. The minimum order quantity is 5 items. A large selection of products allows you to choose the right products for you and your customers.

Simple and convenient

As one of the best-known brands selling TV stands, wall and table mounts for TVs and monitors, sincerely respects its wholesale partners and customers, and the best deals are proposed for cooperation. We accept the most convenient payment methods for you: cash or bank transfer, transfer to an account or credit cards, PayPal.

Reliable and fast

We have been successfully selling our products in the United States, the European Union, the Russian Federation and other countries for a long time. This is how we have established reliable relationships with transport companies from around the world. The products will be delivered immediately to your office or home address.

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